Wednesday, December 15, 2004

John Sanders

In Christianity Today's "Passages" column, they note:

Fired John E. Sanders as theology professor at Huntington College in Indiana. Sanders is a leading proponent of open theism, which declares that God cannot exhaustively know the future because of human free will. College president G. Blair Dowden said pressure from the United Brethren Church and fears of falling enrollments prompted the decision.

This information was first given in an article on open theism in the November 26 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

I spoke with a representative in the President's office at Huntington. He said that CT had not contacted Huntington about this notice, and they did not seem happy about that. While it is likely that this will be Dr. Sanders' final year at Huntington, he said that "no formal action has been taken yet." To the best of my understanding, then, this will probably happen, but hasn't happened yet.