Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Homosexuality as a Challenge to the Church

I just finished reading the chapter submission by Al Mohler’s on homosexual marriage, to be published in the forthcoming Sex and the Supremacy of Christ. (The audio version, upon which the chapter is based, can be heard here.) The title of his chapter—“Homosexual Marriage as a Challenge to the Church”—accurately conveys the heart of his message: the issue is not just about who homosexuals are or should be, but rather about the kind of people that we—as the body of Christ—must be.

Dr. Mohler’s points are as follows:

  1. We must be the people—the body of Christ—who can’t start a conversation about homosexual marriage by talking about homosexual marriage.

  1. We are people who can’t ever talk about sex without talking about marriage.

  1. We must be the people who cannot talk about anything of significance without acknowledging our absolute dependence upon God’s revelation—the Bible.

  1. We must be the people with a theology adequate to explain the deadly deception of sexual sin.

  1. We must be the people with the theology adequate to explain Christ’s victory over sin.

  1. We must be the people who love homosexuals more than homosexuals love homosexuality.

  1. We must be the people who tell the truth about homosexual marriage, and thus refuse to accept even its possibility because we love and seek the glory of God for all.

It’s a wonderful message that the church needs to hear and to heed. Again, the audio can be heard here.