Friday, November 11, 2005

Congratulations, Sam!

Hats off to one of my pastors, Sam Crabtree, who was recently named by the Church Report to be the top business administrator in the country. Sam's life and ministry are marked by a rare combination of serious wisdom, a quick wit, and a deep love for Jesus.

If John Piper is the "vision caster," Sam Crabtree is the "vision keeper," and Bethlehem would not be what it is without Sam's tireless labors.

Congratulations, Sam!

Here's a note that John Piper wrote for our weekly church newsletter:

An open letter to Sam Crabtree,

You have been recognized publicly now as the finest Executive Pastor in America. Congratulations!

This tribute is fully deserved at the human level. It is all about God in you, as you know, and so he gets the glory. He also delights in your faithfulness. I am happy that you get a little advance notice on his reckoning at the end: "Well done, good and faithful servant."

I do not take for granted the awesome gift you are to Bethlehem and to the kingdom of Christ and to me. I love our team. And it keeps getting better all the time.

To seem the public announcement on the web click here:

Your fellow servant,

John Piper