Monday, April 23, 2007

IVP Blogs

InterVarsity Press has launched three blogs:
InterVarsity Press launched three new blogs on its website that are intended to give readers an inside look at the publishing process as well as the discussions that take place as books are developed and sold. Combined, these discussion boards give an unprecedented glimpse into the thoughts and practices of a successful editorial department in the Christian book industry.

Behind the Books will deal with publications in the IVP Books line, and will include the thoughts and comments of editors Al Hsu, Cindy Bunch and Dave Zimmerman, as well as others in the editorial department, as they consider issues, trends and news related to the general publishing program. . . .

Andy Unedited will be written by IVP's editorial director for twenty-two years, Andrew T. Le Peau, and will include his thoughts on the publishing industry in general. According to Le Peau, the reason for the creation of the blogs is threefold: "We want to give readers and authors and folks in the industry a behind-the-scenes look at IVP, help create stickiness for our website, and increase customer loyalty and interest in our books. I also look forward to hearing what others have to say as we discuss our interests in publishing, books and the world of ideas."

Addenda & Errata will focus on the IVP Academic line, and will include contributions by academic and reference editors Dan Reid, Joel Scandrett, Jim Hoover and Gary Deddo. In explaining the function of this blog, Reid states, "Academically speaking, blogs are the faculty lounge or student commons-informal venues for exchanging ideas, catching up and even engaging in the occasional friendly debate. Editors inhabit this chattering world as comfortably as penguins on an iceberg-and while we may not be as cute, we can talk with style."

With over sixty years of combined academic publishing experience, there should be a great deal to talk about.

(HT: MB)