Friday, December 14, 2007

The Conservative Intelligentsia Spite toward Huckabee

Interesting post here from a non-Huckabee supporter. Here's the conclusion:
I don't want to defend Mike Huckabee. He's not my candidate. I don't yet see any major reasons to trust him on fiscal issues (though he did say he wants to kill the corporate income tax). But it's a sad day in the conservative movement when the conservative intelligentsia has sustained harsher words for a socially conservative Governor than a serial adulterer who has said this year that the government should provide assistance to poor women wanting abortions.

There are attacks to be made on Huckabee. But I think most of those who are making them are only helping Huckabee because the snideness of their tone overshadows the accuracy of their attacks.

As an illustration of how bad this has gotten, see this post from the National Review's group blog, The Corner, by Giuliani supporter Lisa Schiffren. As Ross Douthat comments, the post "might as well have been titled 'Go Back to Dogpatch, You Stupid Hillbilly!'"