Saturday, November 15, 2008

Matt Chandler: Preaching the Gospel from the Center of the Evangelical World

The other day I linked to Piper's invitation for the DG Pastor's Conference in which he wrote:
I was listening (online) to Matt Chandler preach about the challenges of evangelizing church members who think they are saved but aren’t. I was moved by the insight and courage of what he said. Matt is the Lead Pastor at The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas. He has agreed to come and help us think about that issue in our churches—saving those who think they are saved.
A few people asked what message Piper was referring to and whether or not it's online.

It was from the Resurgence Text & Context Conference (February 2008), entitled "Preaching the Gospel from the Center of the Evangelical World." You can download the video and the audio.

You can also listen to an interview that Mark Driscoll did with Chandler: