Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Calvin for the 21st Century

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is hosting an interesting conference this August 27-29. Here's the lineup of speakers and topics:
  • David Murray: "Calvin on Preaching Christ from the Old Testament"
  • Michael A.G. Haykin: "Calvin and Missions for the 21st Century"
  • Neil Pronk: "Calvin on the Church"
  • David Murray: "What Kind of Love is This?"
  • Ligon Duncan: "The Resurgence of Calvinism in America"
  • Gerald Bilkes: "Calvin on the Word of God"
  • Joseph Pipa: "The Work of the Holy Spirit for the 21st Century"
  • Derek Thomas: "Redemption: Speaking Peace in the 21st Century"
  • Michael A.G. Haykin: "Christian Marriage in the 21st Century"
  • Derek Thomas: "Reforming the Church"
  • Joel Beeke: "Why is Calvin important Today?"
Breakout Sessions
  • Nelson Kloosterman, "Calvin on Ethics"
  • Cornel Venema, "Calvin on the 'Believers' Benefits"
  • Ligon Duncan, "Calvin on the Early Church"
  • Donald Sinnema, "Calvin on Reprobation"
In related news, the audio is now online from the conference, Magnifying God: The Legacy of John Calvin in the 21st Century: