Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ortlund on Reformed Theology vs. Reformed Culture

Ray Ortlund on what a sociology of grace would look like in addition to our theology of grace:
I like Reformed theology. I believe it's what the Bible teaches. But I don't like Reformed culture. I don't believe it's what the Bible teaches.

Reformed theology is all about grace deciding to treat people better than they deserve, for the sheer glory of it all. Sometimes Reformed culture doesn't look like that, feel like that, taste like that. It gives people exactly what they deserve, as judged by the Reformed person. But who exalted him as judge in the first place? Our true Judge stepped down to become our Friend. That theology of grace must translate into the sociology of grace as we treat one another better than anyone deserves, for the sheer glory of it all.
He closes with a quote from J. I. Packer's A Quest for Godliness (p. 15):

If our theology does not quicken the conscience and soften the heart,
it actually hardens both;

if it does not encourage the commitment of faith,
it reinforces the detachment of unbelief;

if it fails to promote humility,
it inevitably feeds pride.

HT: Kingdom People