Friday, May 29, 2009

Os Guinness: Can America Sustain Its Freedom?

Os Guinness believes that the only way forward for America is to tackle and resolve the major question of whether a free republic can maintain and sustain its freedom. In fact, he thinks that the future of America and the future of the world in a global era depends on our generation's ultimate answer to this crucial question.

In the lecture below he begins by talking about the three tasks that a society must do in order to remain free: (1) winning freedom (American revolution of 1776); (2) ordering freedom (Constitution of 1787); and, finally, (3) sustaining freedom (the crucial ongoing task still before us today). It's this third point that is the subject of the following 40-minute lecture:

This lecture will be available in printed form in a book coming out later this year: God and Governing: Reflections on Ethics, Virtue and Statesmanship, ed. Roger Overton.