Thursday, March 05, 2009

Free ESV

Okay, I know it's getting bad when even I am starting to get slightly confused about the various free ESV options currently available, so here's my best attempt to pull it all together in one place:

Free ESV Bible Text Online

Free online, all the time.

Be sure to check out the advanced search features. It's quite good.

Free ESV Bible Text on the Kindle

You can also get the ESV text onto your Kindle for free.

Free ESV Bible Text on the iPhone

And of course with the news that you can get the Kindle for free on your iPhone, it was only a matter of time before a blogger figured out (using logical deduction) that you can also get the ESV for free on your iPhone.

Free ESV Bible Text for e-Sword

e-Sword is a free Bible software that comes with a free ESV.

Free ESV Bible Audio Online

If you go to the ESV text page, and you go to a passage (see below), there's a little link next to the verse reference that says "Listen." Click that and you'll hear the ESV text narrated. You can even listen to whole books this way.

You can also listen for free online at the ESV Study Bible site. The "listen" link is in roughly the same location (next to the reference), but the link is in white font:

Free ESV Audio on the iPhone

Bryan McWhite figured out how to take the free files and save them onto your iPhone.

Free ESV Study Bible

Free online, for the month of March. If you own a print-version of the Study Bible, the online version is free forever. And even after March, you'll still be able to read and listen to the whole Bible at this site (even if you don't have access to the ESVSB notes).

If you want a little tour of the ESVSB Online, Jacob Abshire ( has put together a very helpful video tour (about 10 minutes long):

I hope that helps. More plans are in the works. If you have suggestions and ideas, send them along to:

blog [at] esv [dot] org