Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Piper on Listening to the ESV Online

John Piper writes about a great free feature of the ESV.

I strongly second his recommendation.

For example, nothing has helped my prayer life more than praying aloud. I recently came to the realization that praying silently only "works" for me in short spurts.

I do have the ability to read silently, of course, but listening to the Word has had a very good effect on me. It makes me slow down, working against my tendency to skim over things that are relatively familiar.

BTW, if you'd rather buy all the MP3 CDs of David Cochran Heath's reading, you can get them from Amazon for just over $30.

One final thought: let's say that your commute to work is 20 minutes one way. If you listen to the Bible going to and from work each weekday, you could get through the entire Bible in about 20 weeks.