Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Baptist Identity at 400: Podcast

On the latest Koinonia Podcast Douglas Baker hosts a discussion with "leading historical theologians who identify, discuss and debate the origins, actions and future of Baptists. The origins of the Baptists and how they become a presence in the history of the church focus the discussion in ways which lead listeners to understand Baptist identity at 400."

Here are the participants:
  • James Leo Garrett
  • David Dockery
  • Greg Wills
  • Nathan Finn
Here's an outline:

Part I

  • The Apostles – Baptists?
  • Baptist origins – the sides and issues of the ongoing debate
  • Baptists – are they Orthodox?
  • No creed but the Bible?
  • The influence of the Anabaptists
  • The Protestant Reformation and the rise of the Baptists
  • Landmarkism – its root and fruit
  • Evangelical Calvinism – what it is, what it is not
  • The Abstract of Principles.

Part II

  • The rise and impact of state conventions of Baptists in the United States
  • Baptist associations – their original role and purpose
  • General Baptists and Particular Baptists – meaning and understanding
  • Has Baptist theology changed?
  • SBC Founders – their theology, beliefs and legacy
  • Edgar Young Mullins and his impact on Southern Baptists
  • Liberalism and the SBC
  • The 1925 Memphis Convention – what happened and why?
  • The Cooperative Program – its origins and development.

Part III

  • Inerrancy – its definition and ongoing controversy in the SBC
  • Inerrancy and the conservative resurgence
  • Is the conservative resurgence over?
  • The aftermath of the conservative resurgence – a perpetual fight?
  • Forward into the 21st century – a possible blueprint
  • Key leaders and predictions for the Southern Baptist future.