Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"Renewing the Evangelical Mission" Conference

This conference at Gordon-Conwell, in honor of David Wells, looks excellent! Here are the sessions:
  1. Mark Noll, "Ecumenical Realities and Evangelical Theology"
  2. Cornelius Plantinga, "Renewing Evangelical Theology: Reflections on the Contribution of David Wells"
  3. Miroslav Volf, "God, Globalization and Human Flourishing"
  4. Tite Tienou, "Renewing Evangelical Identity from the Margins"
  5. J.I. Packer, "The Return to Catechesis: Lessons from the Great Tradition"
  6. Lauren Winner, "The Practice of Piety: Spiritual Formation and Ecclesial Identity
  7. Os Guinness, "Found Faithful: Challenges to Christian Orthodoxy in the Global Era"
  8. Church & Culture: Legacy of David F. Wells
  9. Bruce McCormack, "The Only Mediator: The Person and Work of Christ in Evangelical Perspective"
  10. Kevin Vanhoozer, "The State of the Evangelical (dis)Union: The Bible in Evangelical Theology and Biblical Studies"
  11. Michael Horton, "Rediscovering the Church After Evangelicalism"
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