Saturday, July 09, 2005

Emergent on PBS

Here is the transcript for part 1 of PBS's look at Emergent. Among those interviewed: Don Carson, Doug Pagitt, Brian McLaren, Scot McKnight, and Tony Jones.

[HT: Scot McKnight]

The show itself is, in my opinion, necessarily superficial. (It is, well, television!) Much more interesting is that they have made available complete transcripts of some of the interviews:

Scot McKnight, Don Carson, Doug Pagitt and Diana Butler Bass.

I'm sometimes asked whether Emergent is a passing fad or here to stay. And honestly, I just don't know. Here is how Carson responds: "I just can't predict how the shifts will come about, but my guess is that in 50 years, nobody will be talking about the emerging church movement." I'm sure some would strenuously disagree.