Thursday, July 14, 2005

Together for the Gospel

Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, and C.J. Mahaney all sat down recently to discuss their Together for the Gospel conference.

In early March, 2005, the four of us had the rare opportunity to be together--this time in Louisville, KY. We sat down in Al Mohler's office at Southern Seminary for an hour-long interview, led by Mark Dever, to discuss our goals and hopes for this conference. The conversation ranged from how our doctrinal differences still find unity in the gospel to many quick-witted jokes at each other's expense. This is a preview of the conversations, the humor, and the fellowship we expect to enjoy at the conference itself.

Below you will find six video clips from this interview. In these discussions, we talked about why we wanted to host this conference even though we have some differences in our doctrines and practices, why we invited our three special guests, and what we believe will be beneficial about this conference to pastors hailing from various denominations.

Here is what they discussed:
  1. The Background of the Conference (4:00 minutes)
  2. The Format and Goals of This Event (4:04 minutes)
  3. The Benefits to Pastors...Especially Those from Various Denominations (9:39 minutes)
  4. On R.C. Sproul's Model of Teaching Big Ideas (2:21 minutes)
  5. On John MacArthur, His Preaching, and His Civil Rights Protest Arrest (2:53 minutes)
  6. On John Piper and His Passion for the Glory of God (2:21 minutes)
The videos can be viewed here.