Thursday, June 01, 2006

Faith, Obedience, and Justification

Sam Waldron's doctoral disseration, Faith, Obedience, and Justification: Current Evangelical Departures from "Sola Fide," is now being published by Reformed Academic Press. Here are a few blurbs:

"The undermining of classical Protestant formulations of sola fide (justification by faith alone) is a significant, and disheartening, feature in contemporary evangelical discussion of soteriology. This important book, after carefully reviewing sola fide in Luther, Calvin and the Reformed Confessions, goes on to survey and contrast the views of three influential evangelical theologians—Daniel Fuller, Norman Shepherd, and Don Garlington—and shows how they have deviated from the historic Reformation doctrine of justification by faith alone. As Waldron notes 'there is a widespread penumbra of confusion among evangelicals regarding faith, obedience, and justification.' Consequently, many who retain the slogan sola fide rob it of the substance of its Reformational meaning and significance. This is a serious Gospel issue. Waldron understands this and provides trenchant historical and theological critique in crystal clear prose. This is a subject about which evangelical pastors and teachers need to be well-informed, and Waldron’s study and conclusions are a model of theological argument and pastoral discernment."- Ligon Duncan

"Waldron's dealing with the errors of Daniel Fuller, Norman Shepherd, and Don Garlington is both masterful and charitable--a rare combination today. For those still studying the issues of 'the obedience of faith' and its meaning in Reformation theology vs. modern 'covenant nomism', this is a must read." - Fred Malone

"Sam Waldron has done us a tremendous service. He has culled the writings of Luther, Calvin and Reformed symbolics of sola fide. His method is clear. His distinctions are crucial. His conclusions are cogent." - Richard Barcellos

You can order it at the Solid Ground Books website for 50% off (=$15) the retail (=$30) until June 15.