Sunday, June 11, 2006

Live-Blogging the SBC

Scott Lamb, who blogs with Don Hinkle, will be live-blogging the Southern Baptist Convention this week at

As Scott writes:

Items of interest to readers would include:
1. Mohler/Patterson debate
2. Mark Dever's breakout session on Church discipline
3. Mark Dever's sermon at the Founder's breakfast
4. All the IMB ruckus/Wade Burleson, etc.
5. The 3-way race for SBC President
6. Condoleeza Rice speaking to the convention

Note also that he passes along the news that Al Mohler had emergency eye surgery at Duke University. So please pray for Dr. Mohler.

When I was at Bethlehem Baptist Church, a faithful elderly lady made it a special prayer focus to pray for the eyes of the pastors, recognizing what an important gift and tool they are for ministers of the gospel. It's a good reminder for us to pray--both for physical eyes and for spiritual eyes to behold wonderful things from God's law.