Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Covenant and Salvation

The third volume in Michael Horton's projected four-volume work on covenant and theology is now available. This entry deals with Covenant and Salvation: Union with Christ.

Here are a couple of blurbs I've seen:

Michael Horton has done more to demonstrate the ongoing viability of Protestant orthodoxy for contemporary theological reflection than any other current writer. . . . Even those who are not inclined in Horton's direction will find in these pages a rich and sophisticated theological vision that is worthy of careful attention.

—John Franke, Professor of Theology, Biblical Seminary

With his covenantal account of union with Christ, Horton cuts through the false dichotomy between forensic and participatory accounts of salvation. In its place, Horton forges a stunning synthesis of biblical, historical, and systematic argumentation which puts the Reformed tradition in conversation with prominent voices in Radical Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, and the New Perspective on Paul. This weighty work has broad ecumenical implications for some of today’s most pressing theological issues.

—J. Todd Billings, Assistant Professor of Reformed Theology, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI and author of Calvin, Participation, and the Gift: the Activity of Believers in Union with Christ