Monday, September 10, 2007

Literary Study Bible

From the ESV blog comes a link to a talk from Dr. Leland Ryken on the Bible as literature, as well as a link to the new official Literary Study Bible site.

Download a 39-minute MP3 from Dr. Ryken’s topic is “Words of Delight: The Bible as Literature.” It’s a good introduction to the literary aspects of the Bible, especially if you never had the privilege of taking his Literature of the Bible course at Wheaton College. Dr. Ryken’s trademark wit comes across particularly well at several points.

(The site may ask you to register; press the “Later” button if you’re not inclined.) also has several other lectures by Dr. Ryken, including one about Bible translations and one about Puritan views of the Bible.

Dr. Ryken is a general editor for the forthcoming ESV Literary Study Bible. (Is that a new website devoted to the Literary Study Bible? Yes, it is.)