Monday, November 12, 2007

The Incompleteness of Virtual Friendships

An excellent post here by John Mark Reynolds (whom I've never met!) on why Facebook or virtual friendships are incomplete.

Read the whole thing; here's the conclusion:
I must be with my kids to parent them.

I must be with my friends to be friends.

I must be with my students to teach them.

I must be with my wife to love her.

God help me, but often I am too distracted to be with immortal souls. It is as if I am getting ready to be with people, by talking about them or writing about them, but run out of time to be with them. I am like the stupid business man who earns money for his family, but is never with his family while they spend it.

This week I will work hard to be there. I am incarnate and I will not try to hide from it!