Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"The Pastor as Father and Son"

Registration for the Desiring God pastors conference is now open. Be sure to read John Piper's letter of invitation, which explains the theme. DG is encouraging pastors to bring their fathers and sons to the conference (and have lowered the price to make this happen).

Don Carson will be the plenary speaker. Crawford Loritts will give the pastoral address, and Greg Livingstone will deliver the missions talk. John Piper will do his annual biographical sketch on his dad.

Lord willing, by the time of the conference Crossway will publish D. A. Carson's book, Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson. I am so thankful this book is being published. I first heard Dr. Carson talk about his father during a class I took at RTS on the Johannine epistles, and I was deeply moved.

I know a number of readers of this site are pastors. But if you're not, one thing to consider is blessing your pastor by paying for his way to go to this conference. (A number of families could go in on this together.)