Monday, December 03, 2007

Manifesto on Evangelism

Based on Romans 10-11, John Stott, in his commentary on Romans, delineates an eight-point evangelism manifesto, which is summarized as follows:

1. The need for evangelism: evangelism is necessary because until people hear and receive the gospel they are lost.

2. The scope of evangelism: the whole human race must be given teh chance to hear the gospel.

3. The incentive to evangelism: evangelism arises from the love and longing of the heart.

4. The nature of evangelism: evangelism is sharing with others the good news of Christ crucified and risen.

5. The logic of evangelism: evangelism demands the sending out of evangelists, so that people may call on Christ for salvation.

6. The result of evangelism: evangelism brings such blessings to those who believe, that it arouses the envy of others.

7. The hope for evangelism: evangelism has hope of success only if it rests on the election of God.

8. The goal of evangelism: evangelism introduces converts into the people of God, and so brings glory to God.