Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Everything You Know about Fascism Is Wrong

Mark Gauvreau Judge reviews Jonah Goldberg's new book, Liberal Fascism, for Books & Culture.
"In short, the very term "fascism" has been misused for decades now. Although on several occasions Goldberg openly invites criticism, admitting that he is not a professional historian, he has done the work of a historian; besides, he is a much better writer than most historians. And the case he makes is as persuasive as it is provocative."

Fourteen years ago Gene Veith published a book on related issues: Modern Fascism: The Threat to the Judeo-Christian Worldview.

Goldberg recently made the following comment to Veith: "There are important differences between Liberal Fascism and Modern Fascism. That said, it would have been very, very hard for me to write my book without yours. I found your book to be extremely helpful in helping me to understand many of the themes I deal with in my book."