Friday, January 18, 2008

God and Governing Conference

Just stumbled across this conference, which looks quite interesting and has a great lineup of speakers:
If you have ever wondered about these questions...
  • After nearly three decades of heightened Evangelical political involvement, why do politicians, including ostensibly Christian politicians, seem to be in such disarray?
  • Why are there so many scandals?
  • Why do we not feel more like we can trust our political representatives?
  • Why is the tone of the political discourse so shrill, and its content so shallow?
  • Why is our Christian involvement so little attuned to the scriptural commands to seek justice, to stand for the widow, the orphan, the oppressed, and to protect the defenseless?
  • Why has mature character been in such short supply?

... then this conference is for you.

This conference will propose answers to these questions. We affirm Christian calling to statesmanship and politics. We will discuss the practical ways in which Christians can pursue their scriptural duties in the political realm with greater effectiveness and greater faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Come hear major figures from the Christian world of ideas who will help us wrestle with this topic. Presentations by Os Guinness, Dallas Willard, David Wells, Paul Marshall, Vishal Mangalwadi, and Stephen Kennedy will be supplemented with critiques and discussions by panels of pastors, lawyers, professors, and others.

Christian leaders with an interest in political or media affairs should not miss this opportunity. At the edge of the presidential primary season, this conference is provocatively timed to bring up the questions Christians need to ask as they go to the polls—or to Washington.