Thursday, March 13, 2008

Logos: Owen's Works (including Latin)

Great news here from our friends at Logos:
Note: For a limited time, we are offering The Works of John Owen at the incredibly low Pre-Pub price of $174.95. On Friday, April 4, the price will be adjusted to $224.95. Lock in now to take advantage of this special introductory offer! And spread the word to others!

John Owen counts as one of the most influential and inspiring theologians of the seventeenth century. His works capture the essence of theological inquiry in Puritan England, and have shaped and influenced theological reflection ever since. Owen was a proficient writer, composing numerous theological treatises, meditations, discourses, and sermons. His reflections are made more compelling by the context of political turmoil and religious persecution in which he wrote. God still speaks, says Owen, when the world is in flux and the church finds itself in seeming peril—words as important to his original audience as they are to contemporary readers. His writings and teachings spoke to the struggles in his time, and have continued to inspire the generations that have followed.

Logos is pleased to offer the Goold edition of John Owen’s works, with the original Latin treatises completely retained in portions of volume sixteen and the entirety of volume seventeen. Unlike modern reprints of Owen's work, which leave out the Latin, this edition offers Owen's original, untranslated works. That makes the Logos edition of The Works of John Owen a vital tool for research on Owen’s original writings and the preeminent academic standard for Owen scholarship.