Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Single-Column, Personal-Size Reference Bibles

I think most readers of this blog know that I'm an associate publisher at Crossway Books & Bibles. So you think I would know about such things, but I didn't know these were in the works! I don't usually blog on new Bible editions published (though that will change when the ESV Study Bible comes out this fall!)

But I'm very glad to see these new personal-size Bibles. I think it's my favorite edition published thus far. It's thicker than the thinlines, but much more readable than the compacts. Also, it's in a single-column format and includes cross-references.

You can see a PDF sample of Matthew 1-5 for a sense of the layout and the size of the font. The dimensions for the Bible are 5 x 7.25 inches. The opacity is quite good without much bleed through.

Westminster Bookstore is offering them for 45% off. You can get black genuine leather, or three styles of TruTone (black, chestnut, or cool mint).