Saturday, December 20, 2008

Conference on Southern Seminary & the History of American Christianity

This looks like a very interesting conference at Southern Seminary (more details here):

Session One: Legacy and Meaning

  • The Meaning of Theological Education – Dr. Timothy George
  • The Meaning of Southern Seminary – Dr. Mark Dever
Session Two: Evangelicalism and Confessionalism
  • American Religion (in Search of Itself) in the Age of D.L. Moody – Dr. Stephen Nichols
  • James P. Boyce's Vision for Southern Seminary – Dr. Thomas Nettles
Session Three: Southern Seminary and Progressive Religion
  • Liberal Theology, the Social Gospel, and the Invention of Social Ethics – Dr. Gary Dorrien
  • Liberalism and Orthodoxy at Southern Seminary 1870-1910 – Dr. Greg Wills
Session Four: Modernism, Fundamentalism, and Progressive Conservatives
  • J. Gresham Machen, E.Y. Mullins, and the American Religion – Dr. Darryl Hart
  • E.Y. Mullins, Pragmatism, and Experiential Religion – Dr. Albert Mohler
Session Five: Religion and American Culture in the Twentieth Century
  • Billy Graham's America – Dr. Grant Wacker
  • American Culture and the Reshaping of Southern Seminary – Dr. Russell Moore