Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One-to-One Prayer and Bible Reading

Paul Grimmond has a very helpful article in The Briefing on One-to-One Prayer and Bible Reading. He gives reasons why you should consider doing this with a friend, and some tips on how to make the time edifying and effective. Here's the conclusion:
If you meet with a Christian for Bible reading and prayer for the next 12 months, what will happen? You don't know exactly, but you can have certain hopes and prayers. Both of you will grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord. Perhaps you will encourage others to start meeting one-to-one. Perhaps you will both continue to meet with different Christians for the next 40 years. Just imagine what could happen if it was commonplace for Christians to meet for one-to-one Bible reading and prayer! What would happen if our society was peppered with thousands of such meetings? What growth in godliness might we see?