Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Attributes of God and the Glory of the Gospel

I can't resist reproducing one more quote from Packer's Praying the Lord's Prayer. It's vintage Packer--Pauline in both its length and theology:
  • By wisdom God found a way to justify the unjust justly;
  • in love he gave his Son to bear death's agony for us;
  • in justice he made the Son, as our substitute, suffer the sentence that our disobedience deserved;
  • with power he unites us to the risen Christ, renews our hearts, frees us from sin's bondage, and moves us to repent and believe;
  • and in faithfulness he keeps us from falling, as he promised to do, till he brings us triumphantly to our final glory.
(Page 43. My italics and bullets.)