Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forthcoming Commentary on Acts

I just noticed in the most recent Eerdmans academic catalog that a new entry in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series is due out at the end of next month: The Acts of the Apostles by David G. Peterson, senior research fellow in NT at Moore Theological College. This looks like one definitely worth adding to your library.
Fifteen years in the making, this comprehensive commentary by David Peterson offers thorough exegesis and exposition of the Acts of the Apostles, drawing on recent scholarship in the fields of narrative criticism and theological analysis, incorporating insights into historical-social background, and investigating why Luke presents his material in the way he does.

In view of how long the book of Acts is — over a thousand verses — Peterson’s commentary is admirably economical yet meaty. His judgments, according to Don Carson, are always "sane, evenhanded, and judicious." Even while unpacking exegetical details, Peterson constantly scans the horizon, keeping the larger picture in mind. With its solid exegesis, astute theological analysis, and practical contemporary application, Peterson's Acts of the Apostles is a commentary that preachers, teachers, and students everywhere will want and need.