Tuesday, February 15, 2005

10 Reasons to Read Church History

Chris Armstrong explains Ten Reasons to Read Church History:

  1. Because Christian history is everywhere in our culture.
  2. Because Christian history liberates you from the tyranny of the present—and of the recent past.
  3. Because life is too short to learn by experience.
  4. Because whatever question is on your mind, someone smarter than you has already seen it clearer, thought about it longer, and expressed it better.
  5. Because the deeper our roots, the higher we grow.
  6. Because reading Christian history is a great way to meet fascinating people and hear dramatic, colorful stories. History is all about people.
  7. Because reading Christian history helps root out prejudice and foster sympathy and humility.
  8. Because reading Christian history shows us how we got where we are today.
  9. Because … well, if #8 depresses you by reminding you of the disunity and dysfunction of the church, then consider this reason, too: We need to read Christian history to remind us of our mission.
  10. Like the wine at the Cana wedding feast, the best reason has been saved for last: We should read Christian history because Christianity is a historical religion, based on a historical person and the words of two "Testaments" full of historical accounts.