Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Academy Must Reform Its Vision of God

"The first thing that the Christian academy must do is reform its vision of God. Only when academics realize that the God with whom they deal is the awesome creator, holy and righteous, yet also infinitely tender and merciful, will they start to approach their calling with the necessary fear and trembling that it requires. God is not the object of theological study, in the way that a laboratory rat is the object of biological study--something to control, to dissect, to observe and analyze in a disinterested way; on the contrary, he is the subject of theologica study, the one whose revelation of himself and whose gracious act of salvation in Christ makes theology possible. In him we all live, move and have our being. Thus, all theological study must be conducted in conscious acknowledgement of and dependence upon God. Theologians are personally involved in and dependent upon him whom they study. That must shape our work at every level."

Carl Trueman, "Theology and the Church: Divorce or Remarriage?" in Wages of Spin, p. 66.