Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Wages of Spin

Last weekend I had a chance to read good chunks of Carl Trueman's excellent new book, The Wages of Spin: Critical Writings on Historic and Contemporary Evangelicalism. As is the case with many books of this genre, there's a high likelihood that only the already-convinced will read this book. I hope that's not the case, as Trueman is a great writer who delivers some necessary exhortations to the evangelical church. Even when I disagree with him, he still makes me think, causing me to reexamine my view afresh.

Mark Dever writes: "I cannot think of a young evangelical writer and theologian whose works I more eagerly read than Carl Trueman." And Melvin Tinker refers to Trueman as having "the wit of an evangelical Chesterton, prophetic insight of Francis Schaeffer, and the accessibility of John Stott."

In the next few posts I'll provide some excerpts that have stood out to me.