Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Francis Beckwith writes:

Just hot off the press is the most recent issue of Philosophia Christi 7.1 (2005). It includes four articles, and four responses, that originally were presented as papers in a debate on same-sex marriage held in November 2004 at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion. J. Budziszewski and I take the position that the traditional understanding of marriage as a one-flesh communion should not be abandoned. Our opponents, Marvin M. Ellison and Ronald E. Long, offer a contrary point of view. An adobe file of all the published articles (as they appear in the latest issue of Philosophia Christi) can be found on my website here. If you are just interested in reading my contributions, just click the name of each: "Legal Neutrality and Same-Sex Marriage," Philosophia Christi 7.1 (2005): 19-25; and "Marriage, Sex, and Jurisprudence of Skepticism: A Response to Ronald E. Long," Philosophia Christi 7.1 (2005): 41-44.