Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Conservative Revolt

Weekly Standard editor and Fox News contributor Fred Barnes has a helpful article on The Conservative Revolt against President Bush.

Why have so many conservatives suddenly revolted against President Bush, nearly five years into his presidency? I think their split with Bush is ill advised, counterproductive, and in some ways childish. But there's no doubt it's happening and it's serious. And there's more to it than disappointment with his nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court. So why exactly has this revolt broken out now? I've come up with six reasons, and there may be more.

Here are Mr. Barnes' six reasons:

1. A revolt was inevitable, sooner or later, simply because Bush is not a conventional conservative.
2. Bush has not courted leaders of the conservative movement.
3. The White House has grown a bit arrogant and self-centered.
4. Four, Bush is down. His job approval is at an all-time low.
5. The press is happy to abet the revolt.
6. The Miers nomination didn't just trigger the revolt. It provoked deep anger toward Bush as well.