Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reason for the Hope Within Conference

Melinda Penner asks:

Do you have a reason for the hope within you? Do you have a reason to give when asked by a family member or coworker why Christianity is true? Do you have a reason to give when a critic challenges the rationality of Christianity? Do you have a reason to give when you question and doubt?

You'll have an unusual opportunity to hear plenty of reasons from a long line-up of Christian teachers, apologists, and scholars who will teach on some of the most challenging issues facing Christians. Frank Beckwith, Ben Witherington III, William Lane Craig, Garry Habermas, Paul Copan, Greg Koukl, Craig Evans, Michael Murray, and many more will be teaching on their specialties. Also scheduled is a special youth track of workshops taught by Sean McDowell and Brett Kunkle, both experienced youth workers.

BranchCreek Community Church, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and Stand to Reason are hosting the Reason for the Hope Within conference outside of Philadelphia next month. The cost is very reasonable for a three-day schedule to make it as accessible as possible. There's an early registration discount to take advantage of soon.

Hope to see you there.