Friday, October 07, 2005

Krauthammer's Hammer and Other Responses to Harriet Miers

Some of you will recall that one of my rules of life is not to make George Will mad at me. Now I have a similar rule with regard to Charles Krauthammer. He and Will have achieved a rare level of criticisms per page. See Krauthammer's latest today in the Washington Post: Withdraw This Nominee.

For a different perspective, see Hugh Hewitt's: "Gentleman, I Am a Party Man."

And also see Marvin Olaskys' cover story for World: Blessed Are the Meek: For They (Or at Least One of Them) Shall Inherit a Supreme Court Seat. Olasky--who seems to support Ms. Miers' nomination--closes his article in this way: "If President Bush and supporters of the Miers nomination are wrong, the Supreme Court won't change but the Republican Party will, as millions of conservatives see GOP rule as shameful and look elsewhere for leadership."