Monday, February 06, 2006

BibleWorks 7.0

Here's an update from BibleWorks, for those wanting to upgrade or for those looking for a very good Bible language software:

Greetings from BibleWorks.

We are pleased to announce the release of BibleWorks 7. With over 110 Bible translations in 32 languages, an impressive selection of lexicons and grammatical resources, and a wealth of new features to make the program easier (and more fun) to use, this release has what you need to make the most out of the time you spend studying the Scriptures.

A lot has changed since you licensed your copy of BibleWorks 4! Here is just a sampling of what you have been missing:

* An extensive set of task-oriented study guides supplemented with over four hours of instructional videos.

* A Version Database Compiler for adding your own fully searchable Bible versions.

* A Synopsis tool for viewing the parallel Gospel accounts side-by-side.

* Detailed, customizable satellite maps of the Holy Lands.

* A redesigned Editor Window with full Microsoft Word compatibility and a wealth of new features, including drag and drop editing, graphics import, hypertext links, and full support for Unicode.

* Some of the best reference works available for Greek and Hebrew exegesis, including a collection of Hebrew Lexicons (BDB, Holladay), Greek Lexicons (Friberg, Gingrich, Thayer, Lust), the Greek Works of Josephus and Philo, the Metzger New Testament Textual Commentary, Leedy's New Testament Diagrams, plus much, much more.

* Unlockable modules for a wide range of essential Greek exegesis tools like the standard BDAG Lexicon, Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, the Abridged TDNT, Balz & Schneider's Exegetical Dictionary, Moulton & Milligan's Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament, the Blass, Debrunner, & Funk Greek Grammar.

* Unlockable modules for a wide range of essential Hebrew exegesis tools like the standard HALOT Lexicon, Waltke and O'Connor's Biblical Hebrew Syntax, Futato's Beginning Biblical Hebrew, Weingreen's Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew, plus much, much more.

This is only a sampling of the new resources and tools that you will find in this new release. A full list of BibleWorks 7 contents is available at Check it out!