Friday, February 17, 2006

New Resources from Sovereign Grace Ministries

Many of the newest songs from Sovereign Grace aren't on any CD. To get them to you as quickly as possible, we release them as 99-cent MP3 downloads. You can find these (and select from 170 of our older songs, also in MP3 format) at The Songbox. We've just released five of these new "Songbox Singles": "Worthy" by Dave Brown (the song in our 2005 Mission Presentation, featuring vocals by Abby Cannon); and four songs from 1band, the singles-ministry band from Covenant Life Church in Maryland: "Ransomed," "Only Love," "Infinite in Holiness," and "Captured" (a remix of Steve and Vikki Cook's "You Have Captured Me," featuring rap by Curt "Voice" Allen). Check out song samples here and get your downloads by clicking on the song names above.

* * *

We have recently repackaged some of the most popular Sovereign Grace CD audio series as MP3 CDs. These MP3 audio series include Humility (True Greatness), In the World but Not of the World, The Dearest Place on Earth, According to Plan, Gospel-Centered Parenting, and To Teach What is Good: Wisdom for Women from Titus 2. Because each multiple-message series fits on one MP3 CD, we can pass along savings of 40 to 60 percent or more on the usual price. To find out if the audio series you're looking for is available in MP3 format, use the search function in the upper left corner of this page.