Friday, June 15, 2007

Harold O.J. Brown

From In the Light of the Gospel:
The BaylyBlog has asked for prayer for Haorld O. J. Brown, professor at RTS Charlotte. Here is the request:

Harold O. J. “Joe” Brown is near death. As you or Tim may know, he had cancer ten years ago which cost him an eye and affected his sinuses. It has returned now more in the throat area. He cannot speak or swallow and has a feeding tube in his stomach. They are contemplating further care in Chicago with his initial doctor but are not sure at this time if the extent of the current damage would make that wise. I have communicated a few times with him through email and have talked with his wife, Grace. Will you and your brother pray for this great man and his wife, Grace?

Update: From an email by Wayne Grudem (posted with permission:

I just learned this morning that Harold O. J. ("Joe") Brown, professor of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary - Charlotte, NC, and a long-time friend, is gravely ill. His cancer from several years ago has returned and a tumor is interfering with his breathing and speech, so that he has a breathing tube and a feeding tube. He is at home with hospice care. He is fully alert, but physically he is failing rapidly. He is 73 (his 74th birthday is coming on July 6).

Joe taught with me at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for many years, always a good and faithful friend, stalwart in defense of the truth, with a never-failing sense of humor (bursting forth in Latin as often as English). His prolific and erudite writings have advanced the work of the kingdom in several areas of theology and ethics, and he was a major intellectual and organizational force behind the pro-life movement in the United States from its beginning (together with Dr. C. Everett Koop he founded the Christian Action Council, now Care Net, in 1975). His excellent book Heresies (Doubleday, 1984) is (as far as I know) the definitive historical survey of the various false doctrines rejected by the church throughout 2000 years.

Please pray for God's comfort and strength for Joe and his wife Grace at this time. I phoned this morning and talked with Grace, then was also able to talk to Joe for a few minutes, reminding him of old times and telling him how thankful I am for his friendship and the testimony of his life. I could not understand his responses, but Grace said he was saying "Thank you, thank you."