Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bray on Piper's "Future of Justification"

Gerald Bray on Piper's forthcoming book, The Future of Justification (due out this fall from Crossway):

Tom Wright's challenge to the traditional understanding of justification by faith has stirred the church into rethinking one of its most fundamental beliefs. John Piper has taken on the task of examining Wright's views, which he answers in a gracious but firm manner. This book is a model of how theological disagreements should be handled and the reader is reminded time and again to what extent the Gospel itself stands or falls on this issue. In comparing the works of Tom Wright to the text of the Apostle Paul's letters Dr Piper lifts us above the controversies of the moment and shows us again how the glorious mercy of God was revealed to us in Jesus Christ. It is essential reading for every pastor and theological student and will be a major contribution to our understanding of what the great Apostle really said.

Gerald Bray
Research Professor of Theology
Beeson Divinity School, Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama