Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dobson on McCain

Reading between the lines, it seems that James Dobson is not a fan of John McCain.

Update: (An alternate title of this post could have been called: "What James Dobson Will Do to Help Ensure that Roe v. Wade Is the Law of the Land for Many, Many Years to Come.")

Update: Sarah Pulliam: "In 2006, Dobson and other Christian leaders said it would be a sin to not vote, as long as the candidates provide the right resume."

"If you can find a politician who understands the institution of the family, who wants to protect children from immorality, who understands that we are at war with those who want to destroy us and who understand that liberal judges are undermining us and need to be reined in," he said "and if you can find a politician who lives by a strong moral code and believes in Jesus Christ ... if you can find such a person, it would be a sin not to vote for him."

Update: Jeremy Pierce looks at whether or not Dobson is being fair and telling the truth.

Update: Ross Douthat: ". . . attacking McCain for his tendency to use 'foul and obscene language' seems like the purest form of social conservative self-parody. Particularly given the Bush Administration's record on that front."

Update: From Hugh Hewitt, one of the most relentless critics of McCain, writes today:
There are seven reasons for anyone to support the eventual nominee no matter who it is: The war and six Supreme Court justices over the age of 68. . . . It is very possible to play full contact politics without the threat of going home if your team loses. The stakes in the fall are far too high for that.