Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ken Myers: Renewed Minds Online

Ken Myers talk at GodBlogCon is now online:
Media do not merely carry content; they also create mentalities, sensibilities, and intuitions. As the medium of the internet has developed, few of its practitioners have considered how this new form of communication affects the larger ecosystem of culture and human interaction. We tend to assume that all new technologies (since they make certain aspects of our lives easier) must bring unalloyed progress for humanity. Christians should pause to consider how the habits and capacities encouraged by this new technology offer benefits and obstacles to our ability to reflect, converse, and act wisely in our cultural moment. Ken Myers, host and producer of the Mars Hill Audio Journal, will encourage such pausing by exploring several dominant aspects of the media ecology shaped by the internet in general and by blogging in particular.
You can download the rest of the podcasts from the conference here.

HT: The A-Team Blog