Friday, October 10, 2008

Love the Lord with Heart and Mind

Steve Hays and James Anderson have put together an interesting online document, containing Q&A's with some of our leading thinkers (e.g., Darrell Bock, Paul Copan, John Frame, Doug Groothuis, Harold Hoehner, Robert Yarbrough, etc.). It's called Love the Lord with Heart and Mind.
The aim of the book is twofold:
i) To edify young, less experienced Christians, and/or to edify the rank-and-file;
ii) To afford seekers a window into what it’s like to be a Christian. What makes us tick? And how do Christian intellectuals, in particular, deal with stock objections to the faith or surmount the ups and downs of life to which we’re all liable?
James Anderson (Ph.D., Philosophical Theology, University of Edinburgh) becomes Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC in 2009.

You can check out his website, and his blog.