Thursday, October 09, 2008

Straight Up Blog

James MacDonald and a couple of his fellow pastors at Harvest Bible Fellowship have launched a new blog, Straight Up. It's for pastors, by pastors.

Here's a word of invitation from James:
Hey everyone, welcome to our new blog.

Quite a bit of my ministry energy has been directed toward the people in the pews—the end user. But God’s been moving in my heart these last number of years and has been directing my ministry energy toward pastors and ministry leaders. With that vision in mind, I’m excited to launch Straight Up—a blog by pastors for pastors. The content of this new blog will be for those who labor faithfully week after week in the local church—full time pastors not least. In the months to come, we’ll be posting about preaching, leadership, vision casting, staff management, theology, and just about anything else related to pastoral ministry. Blogging along with me is Gerald Hiestand, and my son Luke. Both guys serve at my home church, Harvest Bible Chapel (see below for a little bit about Gerald and Luke).

Cumulatively, we’ve been in ministry over thirty years now, and we certainly don’t have it all figured out. Much of what we’ve learned, we’ve learned from fumbling around and falling over. But by God’s grace we have learned a few things. We want to share some of that here, in hopes that it’ll help keep you out of some of the ditches we’ve been in. As they say, experience is an expensive teacher; let someone else pay the bill!

Glad you’ve joined us, and hope you stick around.

For Him!