Saturday, May 02, 2009

More Resources from the Next Webzine

Other articles is in this month's Next webzine:

You'll also be able to get a taste for Carson's writing in two excerpts from his work. First, in two excerpts from For the Love of God Carson comments on two incidents in the life of Christ. Then in The Supremacy of Jesus Christ in the Mediation of God's Love Carson walks through John 17 and explains how the glory of Christ is most clearly seen in the cross of Christ.


In People, Not Culture Pastor Mark Lauterbach weighs in on the debate about how Christians should relate to culture by suggesting that before we talk about culture, we should talk about people.

In Christian Artists In a Secular World Bob Kauflin helps Christians walk through the sometimes difficult issues of how to relate to secular art as artists.

And in The Cross of Christ in Pictures Ricky Alcantar shares what he's learned about the richness of a multi-faceted gospel with the help of John Stott.