Friday, June 05, 2009

Leaders: Are You Approachable? Accountable?

A wise set of companion articles by Ken Sande:
One of his suggestions is to go beyond your inner circle with regard to approachability and seek the candid feedback of others. Here's a suggested email:
Dear ___, I would like your assistance in gaining an accurate assessment of how “approachable” I am to other people. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would do me the great favor of reading the attached article and giving me your candid feedback on how approachable I am in your eyes. You may do this in any way that is comfortable for you, whether offering some general observations, or evaluating me in light of any or all of the characteristics described in the attached article. It would be especially helpful if you could provide specific examples that illustrate my strengths or weaknesses in any of these areas. I sincerely want to become more approachable to others, so the more candid and specific your feedback, the better. Thank you!