Monday, December 20, 2004

Abortion and the Sex War

With all of the awards for blogs out there, I'm surprised I haven't won one yet--for "blog with the least amount of user comments!" Oh well!

Here's a question you can weigh in on. Will we ever reach the point as a culture where abortion is put into the same category as slavery--a widespread practice that is later seen to be a horrific, embarrassing evil? Two good friends have suggested such in recent days. I certainly hope this will be the case, but I have my doubts. The reason I doubt it is because the abortion-rights movement is so closely tied to the sexual revolution. Sex is the effective religion of our culture, isn't it?

Kreeft, in How to Win the Culture War, writes: "we cannot win the culture war unless we win the sex war, because sex is the effective religion of our culture, and religion is the strongest force in the world, the strongest motivation there is."

"...It is no accident that our culture's deepest and most shocking moral defeat is abortion. Nothing less than a false religion could so overcome the natural moral law and nature's deep instinct of motherhood. Aboriton is a religious issue not just because traditional religions happen to oppose it but because abortion is necessarily about sex. ...A woman (or more usually, the man!) wants abortion only because she wants to have sex without babies."

"So in order to fully persuade the people in our society that abortion is not an option, that babies are holy and not to be treated as toys to be thrown away at will, we must achieve a much harder task: we must persuade them that sex is holy and not to be treated as a toy. For sex is the context of abortion...." (pp. 95-96).