Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bibliography on Natural Law

I've done some posts recently on natural law. For those who might be interested in exploring this topic further, I'm posting this bibliography, adapted from J. Budziszewski, Natural Law for Lawyers. Posted by permission of author. I've added Amazon.com links where possible.

A Very Brief Bibliography on Natural Law

J. Budziszewski
Professor of Government and Philosophy
University of Texas at Austin

The Locus Classicus:
  • Aquinas, Thomas, Treatise on Law (same as Summa Theologica, I-II, Questions 90-97) and other works. Beware: The Treatise on Law was never meant to be read by itself, but only in the context of the rest of the Summa.

The Best Book on Natural Law in the Twentieth Century:

The Man Who Ejected Natural Law from Twentieth-Century American Legal
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, "Natural Law." Harvard Law Review, Vol. 62 (1918).

The Post-World War II Neo-Thomist Revival:

Is Natural Law Based on a Naturalist Fallacy? Pro and Con:

Three Contemporary Anthologies::

The "New Natural Law Theory" of Grisez and Finnis, Pro and Con:

Three Older Evaluations of Natural Law:

The Present Outpouring of Work on Natural Law (very selective):

Another Bibliography on Natural Law:
From the Acton Institute, <http://www.acton.org/research/reading/natural_law.html>