Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mahaney on Owen

Overcoming Sin and Temptation--an unabridged by more accessible version of John Owen's three classic writings on battling sin--is due out next week.

Here's the promo: each day for a week or so I'll post an endorsement of the book, along with the following instructions on how to get the book for 40% off of retail ($12 instead of $20):
  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Pre-Order” or “Add to Cart” button
  3. Enter the following code in the Coupon Code box on the Shopping Cart page: BTWOW
  4. Continue through the Checkout process

The offer expires October 31.

If you order through the Crossway website, you'll immediately receive a free PDF copy of the books through email.

In addition, if you order at least one other Crossway title (at regular price), you can get free shipping on your books. (Note: the offer of free shipping is only for US orders--sorry!)

Here's another blurb:

“No writer has taught me more about the dynamics of the heart and the deceitfulness of sin than John Owen. Reading his writing has been lifechanging, although at times his seventeenth-century style can be a challenge to modern ears. How grateful I am that Kapic and Taylor have invested their time and considerable skills to bring Owen’s profound and practical teaching to a modern audience. Read this book carefully; it will help you understand your heart and experience God’s grace.”

—C. J. MAHANEY, Sovereign Grace Ministries